Progetto: Portfolio Management Officer

Proprietario: GpServices
Stato: chiuso (scaduto il 13/12/2016 22:06:51)
Budget: 200 - 500 €
Capacità richieste: Programmazione, Altro (programmazione), Project Management, Technical Management

The research if for the position of Portfolio manager intake the process for the offer preparation, interacting
with the organization to have the impact analysis and the effort, preparing the internal offer including the preparation for
the internal approval process, interact with BDMs and sales to deliver the offer and then plan the project.
Specific tasks:
·Manage the intake requests
·Management support: from the weekly report for internal and client usage
·Supports the portfolio-/change management in organising, coordinating and administrative respect according t
(project)timelines and within the determined budget boundaries, leading to optimum support of responsible involved,
coordination of pre investigation and changes, adequate realisation of preparing tasks, continuous monitoring of the
process progress, timely signal - and if necessary escalation - of time- and budget exceed organising issues and
adequate total reports regarding the processes.
Most important activities:
·Registers all kinds of requests received from the client
·Organizes the meetings in which the different requests are assigned to the teams, releases and projects
·Takes care of allocation of impact analyses and work packages to teams
·Lays down agreements and plans centrally
·Reports on status of all current requests
·Guards deadlines, points out issues, informs responsible persons, escalates to the management and adjusts the
planning, informs regarding the process' progress
·Italian mother tongue or good level of Italian language to interface the Italian clients
Seniority:2/3 years ;
Location: Milano;
Availability: 01/12/2016
Duration: long duration
La ricerca è rivolta ad entrambi i sessi (L.903/77). Si richiede di inviare il curriculum in formato europeo con il dettaglio dei progetti seguiti e delle tecnologie utilizzate. Si raccomanda di includere l'autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati personali (D.Lgs. 196/2003).

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