Progetto: Add SSL to client C++ WebSphereMQ lib

Proprietario: hrstess
Stato: chiuso dal proprietario il 09/02/2012 17:46:28
Budget: 500 - 1000 €
Capacità richieste: Programmazione, Sicurezza, Sviluppo Database, Project Management

The scope of the project is to set up the secure communication between our sever (which is a C++ based application client on a WebSphere MQ 6.0 channel) and a WebSphere MQ server through a SSL channel that will guarantee the channel's security and encryption and allow access control on the single queue manager.

We provide a connection library where the connection is already established but without SSL.

We can describe the intervention with this sentence:
- We have a C++ server, which is using WebSphere MQ 6.0 C++ lAPI, and now connects to a MQ server channel without encryption.
- We would like to introduce the SSL connection using IBM specification for WebSphere MQ.

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